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Nordigi - We make Internet of Things

The aim of our technology is to enhance the competitiveness of Norwegian and international companies in light of increasing requirements for efficiency and reduced consumption, and ensure that they are better prepared for the future technological and industrial challenges involved in the concepts of Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things).

At Nordigi, our corporate culture implies that we comply with Norwegian law at all times. We have clear guidelines for ethics and social responsibility. These guidelines help us in taking responsibility and making the right choices, thus enabling us to avoid involvement in corruption or other crimes, complicity in human rights violations or the development of a poor work environment within the company. We therefore have a healthy critical attitude towards external factors such as product and service options, partners, suppliers, customers, etc. If we detect any violation of Norwegian law and/or our code of ethics, it will be a clear sign that any purchase or agreement should be discontinued, and that the case may need to be reported to the authorities as part of our overall responsibility. Violations of our code of conduct within the company will be dealt with in a similar manner. In case of doubt as to the severity of the violation, external assistance will be sought in order to ensure sound and fair documentation of the basis for any decision.

Our guidelines also aim to protect our customers and users of our products and services, in order to ensure the elimination of adverse effects. We aim to be a positive contributor to society, with a clear responsibility for the local community. One of the key priorities of our corporate culture is to satisfy environmental concerns as far as possible. This implies eco-awareness in both minor everyday decisions and major strategic business decisions. Our hope is that the environment we leave behind will be better than the one we took over.

Our technology embraces a wide variety of applications, but we want our technology to be used to the benefit of society. An example of this is useful welfare technology initiatives. In the industrial sector, our products and services will lead to lower consumption and greater efficiency, which in turn will improve profitability. All in all, this will help to realise a more sustainable and forward-looking society with reduced consumption to the benefit of the environment. More efficient and increased production will be more profitable for society. Better utilisation of human resources will enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

For us, good business practices and good working conditions are all about continuity in our evaluation of our own conduct and corporate culture. In this way, we will keep abreast of developments in society and our ongoing societal commitments as a profitable and sustainable business.