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Nordigi - We make Internet of Things

We supply sensor solutions with information from monitoring point to user. Our goal is to make all data from multiple devices and locations immediately available.

Nordigi - We make Internet of Things® (IoT). Nordigi AS is a company that originated at the Silicia technical incubator at Vestfold Innovation Park. We have extensive technical expertise following many years of experience from the R&D departments of a number of high-tech businesses in the Horten region. We therefore have intimate knowledge of what it takes to produce a good product, and we never give up before the customer is 100% satisfied.

Our technology

Our technology is based on distributed I/O and sensor solutions, also called IoT – a kind of continuation of original M2M solutions in a more flexible design. It is often difficult to define what this is: some call it new technology, while others define it as a service. We'll let others decide, but think of it as a way to make information accessible to the user, regardless of where the user is.

Our technology will help ensure that Norwegian and international businesses have strengthened their competitiveness in light of the increasing demands for efficiency, product quality and prediction. They will with our products be better prepared for future technological and industrial challenges of the terms Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Extra flexibility and mobility with our cloud service
With the Nordigi MOBILITY Cloud Service, we provide a comprehensive mobile solution for control and monitoring of sensor data. Using a plug-in written for the most widespread control systems on the market, we have the possibility to connect to the customer's existing system and thus provide extra flexibility and mobility. "We start with the technology you have".


Nordigi - We make Internet of Things, NarrowBand IoT


Upcoming launches

In the course of the next six months we will introduce Nordigi NEXUS IoT MultiNode that has a generic I/O component that supports most serial interfaces, in addition to including a set of sensors, a low-energy RF module and WiFi. When this is connected to Nordigi MOBILITY, there are infinite possibilities to control and monitor virtually anything. The only limit is your imagination. The physical format will be just the size of a matchbox, and it will primarily use components optimized for low power consumption. The basic idea is that there isn't always access to electricity where you want to conduct monitoring. This is why the possibility of battery operation is important in our solutions.

Tailor made

Although we have a portfolio of our own products, we have good experience in cooperating with the customer and delivering good solutions. We have several years of experience of consultancy work on specific projects where we customize solutions based on our technology in line with the customer's requirements.

Our employees

Jan Gustav Heber - CEO & Co-founder

Holds a European Master's Degree in Electronics and Microprosessor Engineering from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, followed by a PhD in Image and Signal Processing. More than 16 years of experience in the development teams of several high-tech businesses. Has in recent years established himself as an entrepreneur at the Silicia incubator, Vestfold Innovation Park. Has taken on several consultancy assignments during this period, in addition to working on own technology.

Jon Waage - CTO & Co-founder

Has more than 30 years of experience as project engineer, engineer, electronics supervisor from Simrad Subsea (now Konsberg Maritime), Fugro Survey and Lilaas AS, with specialisms in project management, electronics development, circuit board construction, circuit board design and EMC tests. Holds a Bachelor in Telecommunications from the Technical Institute of Gothenburg.

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