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Nordigi is currently concluding the development stage for a new MultiNode Nordigi NEXUS IoT MultiNode. Nordigi NEXUS IoT MultiNode will be unique in terms of requirements relating to technology composition, physical size and mobility. The areas of application will be huge, and we are already busy with several specific implementation projects. Some of these projects are described in brief below.

Industrial processes

With Nordigi NEXUS IoT MultiNode, Nordigi's technology will be better prepared for future technological and industrial challenges regard to providing sensor monitoring of moving parts in various industry and production processes. Nordigi is currently working with several companies on the possibility of implementing the technology as a supplement to more comprehensive existing monitoring systems.

Welfare technology

Some of the technology in Nordigi NEXUS IoT MultiNode may also be adopted in products that meet public specifications and demands related to the development of welfare technology. Nordigi is already working on a joint venture related to a solution to a specific challenge in the care sector.


Requirements toward documentation of the environment for goods during transport is another field in which Nordigi's technology will be at the forefront. These requirements may come from manufacturers, suppliers, customers or public authorities. Nordigi's technology has been chosen in a project to develop a new monitoring system for the environment during the transport of food, Nordigi DataLog.

Green technology

Nordigi has continuous awareness of the environment, and will consider the environment to the greatest possible extent in all products and services. Among other things, this means that the technology in the products is optimized with regard to its own consumption of resources.

A strategic ambition

The product launch of a new sensor module is a part of a deliberate strategic ambition for Nordigi to be an active party in industry in order to exploit the opportunities inherent in the Industry 4.0. concept, and that Nordigi shall be a leading provider of IoT expertise by offering a complete IoT ecosystem from monitoring point to user.