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Nordigi - We make Internet of Things

Your sensor data on mobile devices

Comprehensive mobile solution for control and monitoring of all sensor data.

Nordigi MOBILITY Cloud Service ensures that your sensor data is accessible on all mobile devices via a browser. The solution retrieves data from your existing sensors and distributes this to our servers. Your snapshot values and historical data can be visualized via any browser. The service is provided with notification functionality via e-mail, Twitter and text message.

You yourself may configure groups of data values, and manage user access using our web-based configuration tool.

The system requires little investment in hardware or infrastructure, and the security of your existing network is ensured because devices connect to our cloud servers to read data.

All that is required is installation of a data service at the customer, which reads the customer's sensor data and periodically sends this to Nordigi. Nordigi MOBILITY uses HTTPS (SSL) for secure communication with the customer's systems. Nordigi has a general data service that can connect to various customer systems. E.g. Statoil and Borregaard use a data service that retrieves information from OsiSoft's PI database.

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